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Local fishing

Postby Cooter » Thu Jan 28, 2010 6:30 pm

Hi all. I am a recent arrival to this wonderfull place. I purchaced a nice boat recently and it is rigged with downriggers and offshore rods. I am near Grand Harbour with easy access to North Sound or could trailer to South Sound. I need some tips on lures, location and bait for a good day of fishing. Thanks --> Rick
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Re: Local fishing

Postby dj_masterp » Fri Oct 01, 2010 10:14 am

Hey Rick welcome to the island, sounds like you are in a good spot because you will want access to both locations you mentioned. North Sound when there is that typical ESE wind and the ability to launch at south sound on those beautiful days when the winds shift to the NW or NNW during a cold front (Known locally as Norwesters).

As for lures and bait it really all depends on what you are targeting. One thing for sure here and anywhere you go in the US or Caribbean, is that you won't find a boat on the water that doesn't have at lease one Blue/white ilander lure rigged with a ballyhoo behind it. This will be one of your best bet starters. If you are targeting Wahoo, it's nice to have a red/black Ilander on hand too. Most locals troll everything with ballyhoo and don't believe in artificial lures. I (a local btw) have proved to myself that this does not have to be the case as I have caught many fish on artificials.

I assume you have a good chart-plotter and depth-finder because they will come in handy. Use your electronics to monitor and troll the drop off around the Island and if you have a radar to find any drifts. (The Dolphins are coming lol). If you are just starting out you can troll inside the north sound or just beyond the reef of south sound and catch yourself plenty of Barracuda just to get the feel for trolling then move out to deeper waters.

Sign up and become a member of the CIAC, there are a lot of really great anglers here that can give you a lot of great advice (when you can get it out of them lol). I am just throwing in my .02 cents as an amateur angler :D

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